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LifeLine - ободная лента Essential

Ключевые качества LifeLine - ободная лента Essential

Lifeline Essentials Rim-tapes are designed to be compatible with most road (700c) and MTB (26”) wheels. Each available in two widths for both narrow and wide section rims.

2 high quality rim tapes
A range widths and sizes to fit road and mountain bikes
Protects against punctures from sharp spoke eyelets

At LifeLine; reliability, quality and performance are always at the forefront of our minds and actions.

Like all LifeLine products, the Essential Rim-Tape has been developed and tested to meet the highest standards using the leading factories to give you proven products.

What's included:

  • 2 X Rim-tapes

For wheel sizes: ETRTO/METRIC
  • 16/622 or 700c Narrow
  • 18/622 or 700c Wide
  • 16/559 or 26” Narrow
  • 18/559 or 26” Wide

ETRTO rim tape sizes reflect the internal rim width, then the rims outside diameter.
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